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A Beatles Role Play! [01 Dec 2011|01:17am]

Hello my dears! I just wanted to plug a Beatles-related community of mine here, see if some of you might be interested.
(xposted, sorry!)

Click on the picture to enter!

Nothing Is Real is a Beatles role play community! It partly deals with mature themes, which is why we are friends only, but you can of course join just to read the threads. We are open to gen, het and slash. AUs are accepted, but not original characters. The game is mostly centred around the Beatles but any character even loosely connected with the 60s or 70s art scene is welcome, really.

It's a 'no strings attached' sort of role play which basically means that you can apply for as many characters as you want, Beatles, Beatles wives or friends and there can be as many players as we want, even for the same characters. You can also choose your time and space span, build it up through several threads or jump from one thing to the other freely. It fact it isn't a well-built rp as much as a den, a place for you to meet other role players and start threads freely with the ones you like.

If you are interested in role playing in the Beatles universe, don't be scared to have a look around at the rules and introduction posts, and message me if you have any questions! Role playing is pretty much like reading/writing fan-fiction, except that you do it with one or several other people, which is always good fun, unexpected and stimulating. Hope to see you around!

[13 Sep 2011|11:09pm]


Welcome to The Beatles News, a community to discuss the Beatles in general, and more precisely recent news about them!

A safe place for all Beatles fans, from casual to hysterics.

Be the first to know about brand-new Beatles news and read our f-only scans of Beatles-related articles.
Share pictures, videos, songs and useful links.
Recommend the best fanfiction of website you've found.
Discuss to your heart's content, ask for help and precisions on everything you'd always hoped to know better!

Hope to see you around :)

Another community [28 Feb 2010|09:32am]

This is an open community for those who wish to share their love for this famous british pop group called, The Beatles. But this is also a place to remember the forgotten Beatles, "Stuart Sutcliffe" and "Pete Best" Please respect each other, no Beatle bashing, and just have fun! :)

beatle_stamp [04 Dec 2009|04:34am]

Just wanted to promote the new Beatles stamping community, beatle_stamp here. If you want to find out which of the fab four you are, you should join! We've also got themes for albums, wives, and a look-a-like application. It should be a good time!


Beatle_Rating [02 Nov 2009|03:21pm]

Hey I just thought I'd mention beatle_rating here. If you like stamping and want to know if you are a John, Paul, George, Ringo, or even a wife or a Brian, you should join. Plus we're having a themed application just for Beatle Womean at the moment! We're trying to get the community more active again, so it should be fun!


What You've All Been Waiting For... [27 Sep 2009|03:13pm]

[ mood | ditzy ]

I'm very proud to present the first (or so I believe) ever Beatles Dream Community! I was inspired after reading sooo many cool Beatle Dreams on posts. So here's where you can talk about any Beatles Dream you have/had and possibly compare notes. Doesnt matter if its a sex dream (We've all had those, don't be shy ;)) or one of the wierdest Beatles dream you've ever had.

Your also aloud to:

  • Post Pic Spams (Yummy!) on anything Beatles Related
  • Tell Beatles News 
  • Adevertise on your Beatles Fan Fiction
  • Talk about Beatles Wives/Groupies/Girlfriends

Well get on to dreamin' and post anything Beatle related on here :)

Peace, Love and Hare Krishna,


[recently made, so I'm still modifying it. I'm anticipating the first post!]

P.S.:Dont get confused with Beatlesdream and Beatlesdreams (notice the 'S' on the end). Beatlesdream is my Journal. Beatlesdreams is the community! :P


Preserving the Beatles fandom on Geocities! [24 Sep 2009|05:47pm]

If you haven't heard, Geocities is closing on October 26, 2009. Geocities has played an important role in the history of the Beatles fandom. On Fan History Wiki, we want to help chronicle the history of this fandom on Geocities before it is lost forever. We'd love to have you involved.

We've created some stub articles at Beatles fansites on Geocities. There isn't much there, especially when you think about the whole of Geocities and how important Geocities was to the Beatles fandom. We'd really want to see the few existing articles improved to give a better idea of what role they played early in the fandom's history and for the fandom's history off LiveJournal. Just click edit, write in relevant information and then click save. You can't screw it up. (It's a wiki. Things are incredibily easy to fix if you're worried.) If you're feeling really helpful, please use Template:fansitesgeocities to create new articles so that we can get the history of more Geocitie's Beatles fansites saved.

Even if you aren't editing, please pass the word along to others in the fandom. Ask them to help us. Ask them to visit Geocities to just save those sites on their hard drives. If you're a fan fiction reader, check out some of those stories from the fandom before they disappear potentially forever.

Beatles charm bracelet [14 Aug 2009|02:27pm]


Hi everyone!

I made this Beatles charm bracelet and just put it up on Ebay. Charms include four beautiful pictures from Richard Avedon, Acoustic and Electric guitars, strawberries, "With Love From Me to You" letter, Peace and Love. Check it out!

To see more pictures of the bracelet go to: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/pages/The-Masked-Rabbit-Crafts-Design/96501154471?ref=nf or search the Masked Rabbit Crafts on Facebook.

tribute to lennon. [05 Jun 2009|12:48pm]

So that my adoration and devotion to John Lennon seems to keep growing. Well.. i made this... Hope you all like it. :)

hi, BeatlesGirls [22 May 2009|12:36am]

I'm new here. i wanted to leave a message because i found this community perfect for me. I'm a Beatles fan since, 2004..i think.( i'm 18)  I don't even remember how'd i heard about them, because my mother didn't ever hear them. But hearing them it's one of the most productive things i can do, i can't stop hearing them, they are so AWESOME! I ADORE THEIR MUSIC. My fav. Beatles is John Lennon, i adore that man.

The Beatles are very influential in my life, i will keep them alive as long as i live.

[12 May 2009|07:41pm]

Hello, I'm Anna and I'm a Beatle girl!
I'd like to tell you all (the fellow Beatle girls) about... a little something.
Would you please join my Beatle-fan collaboration channel?
A collaboration channel is something invented by the users of Youtube. Basically, there are usually five people. Each one of them is assigned a day of the week, and on that day they make a video blog.
Basically OURS is just going to be us talking about life and the Beatles!
If this seems like something you'd be interested in or need more info about, please message me or something! :D


[06 May 2009|10:42pm]


1 2 3

More HERE at giambotte

[08 Feb 2009|07:47pm]

Not sure if folks are aware, but if not:

Paul is performing on the grammys tonight!

I'm willing to sit through friggin' Kid Rock (sorry to any kid rock fans) to see Paul perform!

plus we're finding a fun lil drinking game here of anytime anyone says Paul McCartney, take a drink ;)

thought I'd pass the word on!

Abbey Road on the River, 2009 [15 Jan 2009|12:24pm]


Just a reminder that AROTR is coming up in a few short months. :)

For those of you who don't know, "Abbey Road on the River" is the largest (and IMHO, the best) Beatles music festival out there. :)

Anyways, feel free to join the Festival's comm, arotr, we'd love to see you there!

And for the Mod of this comm, I'd love to be affiliates. Please let me know if you'd be interested.

Details & links for the festival hereCollapse )

plug... [12 Jan 2009|01:29am]

[ mood | artistic ]

It is Beatle related!

after some discussion on this thread, and thinking on this beforehand I thought it'd be neat to have a Beatles craft community. so yeah, the new community can be found craftybeatles.

Join up! don't be shy! and show us your Beatles related arts/crafts!


OMFG A BEATLES FANGURL COMM [25 Dec 2008|07:54pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

I have never felt more at home.
I have been a Beatles fan since I was but a wee baby. A fetus, even. (So my mother claims. I mean, I supposedly kicked a lot when she would play their songs.) I fell in love with them as soon as I realized that they didn't have cooties. ;)
John is my favorite. Then George. Then Paul. Then Ringo. (I like to make lists a lot, and this was decided last time I used my list journal. Top 5 Beatles Songs, Favorite Beatles et cetera.)
I heart John's voice/nose and Georgie's pointy teeth and Paul's eyes/lips and, honestly? I adore Ringo's nose as well.
I'm not sure what else to say. I'll blog it as it comes, eh?
Side note: Happy holidays, everyone.


Coming from a little town in Minnesota [21 Nov 2008|12:16am]

[ mood | calm ]

Hi! So I'm new here (obviously).

So, I've been absolutely addicted to The Beatles since I was 7 years old and my best friend's dad decided one night to get a rowdy batch of kindegartners to settle down he'd play a movie, that movie was "Yellow Submarine". I had a huge soft spot for Ringo, but I admit...my first ever crush happened the first time I saw Paul sing "And I Love Her" in A Hard Day's Night (yeah, 20 years later...I've still got a big crush on the guy!).

Their music has shaped much of who I am and continues to do so, the same music has pulled me through some of the worst times I've encountered (Things weren't always as rosey as they appeared to be in highschool).

That's all I have for now. 'Ello everyone!


New Beatles Community [19 Nov 2008|05:52pm]
Please join mybeatlesroom. I know you have one. ;)

In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.. [16 Oct 2008|04:39pm]

[ mood | melancholy ]

Hello all! My name is Kristin, I'm 22 and live in California. It warms my heart to know that the Beatles still warms so many people's hearts! I guess I kind of have a different connection with them and it's both good and bad. My dad was a HUGE Beatles fan. He was a drummer and actually taught my brother how to play the drums. My brother's first song he learned on the drums was when he was four years old and that was "Love me do." Anyways, I was definitely brought up on the Beatles. That's all I heard and that wasn't a problem at all! My mom even recalls one day coming home from work (this was probably in the early 80's) and seeing 3 huge encylopedia type books on the kitchen table. She asked my dad what they were and he replied "Some guy came to our door selling them so I bought them." She asked how much they were and he said "$150." She yelled "$150?!" He replied "I had to, the guy who sold them to me sounded like a Beatle." :) I love that story.

My father passed away on new years eve this year from alcoholism. He was 48. He was one of the best people I knew and I have a lot to thank him for including my appreciation for the greatest band of all time. My way of staying connected with him now is through their music although I can't listen to "In my life" anymore because that's what we played at his funeral as he wanted. Maybe one day I will, but it's still so fresh that I hear the first 6 notes and I have to turn it off. In my dad's death notice in the paper we quoted "Blackbird" because it was like he was set free from his alcoholism. I even got a tattoo on the top of my foot for him shown below.

Anyways, that's my story.

Feel free to add me if you would like! I'd love that!

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Hey all =] [16 Oct 2008|02:40pm]

[ mood | busy ]

New here, I was pretty surprised there was actually a real Beatles group! I am infatuated with them and all of their songs. I actually have a tattoo on the side of my foot that says All you Need is Love, because in fact you do =] <333 Soo on the crazier side of me I've already vowed to name my child after one of their songs! What do you guys think about the name Lucy Diamond...yes yes i know it deals with acid but the name is adorable! Anyways hope you all are having a wonderful day! tty lovelies later.

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